Flight Grading

The purpose of such course is to enable one, prior to formal flight training, to initiate and assess one's hand-eye coordination...



Commercial Pilot License

A self-sponsored pilot is some one who has received a CPL by paying all of the tuition by himself/herself, and has accumulated a total of 250...



Private Pilot License

With the regulations in Taiwan getting more open-minded, the skyscape of Taiwan are getting wider and wider...



Certified Flight Instructor

Becoming a Certified Flight Instructor is a great first step to help prepare you for further advancements and ratings...



Instrument Rating

This course is designed to hone your skill for flying based on instrument data during low visibility...



Multi-Crew Cooperation

(CAAV approved)

Multi Crew Cooperation has quickly become one of the fundamental aspects of a pilot’s education in commercial aviation. Through our training courses....



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