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The purpose of such a course is to allow you, before formal flight training, to initiate and assess your hand-eye coordination, sense of direction, and positioning of the aircraft. This course will significantly help with your formal flight training.

Course Content

COMPASS test specialized for airline pilot assessment
16 Hours of Ground School
1.5 Hours of  DA40NG Level 5 Fixed Base Simulator
3 Hours of  Flight Training with Instructor

Flight School using Diamond Aircraft All Composite DA40NG


  1. Requirement:18 Years of  Age、 High School Diploma.

  2. No Medical Examination Required

  3. Training Duration:In Principal 5 days are required (does not have to be consecutive), but depends on actual weather condition.

  4. Training Aircraft:Diamond Aircraft DA40NG。

  5. Location: Flight School @ (ICAO:RCFN/IATA:TTT)

  6. Total Fees includes materials, logbook and USD$300,000 liability insurance

I have completed my Flight Grading course. What's next?

After taking that first step, are you ready to step into the world of flying? Great! It's time to get your first flight license then!

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