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The Best Training Partner of Airlines

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Pilot Selection

We can offer tailored training course in accordance with airline's specific needs. Apex is the first organization that adopted COMPASS and FLIGHT GRADING as the methods to select the talented and potential pilots in order to reduce fail rate.


COMPASS: Pilot Selection Test


COMPASS test would be the important reference to airline’s pilots screening procedure. COMPASS tests not only assesses cognitive ability and flying aptitude, but also personality traits of candidate in the form of a personality test.


Flight Grading


The purpose of such course is to enable one, prior to formal flight training, to initiate and assess one's hand-eye coordination, sense of direction and positioning of the aircraft. This procedure would aid greatly for one during the formal flight training.


The Most State-of-the-art and Safest Trainer

Our Training Fleet is one of the best equipment in the industry, mainly equipped with airliners-style Garmin 1000 Electronic Flight Instruments(EFIS). To enhance the safety of our operations, we have also specified the very latest version of the Garmin 800 Traffic Advisory System(TAS) to provide our pilots with an "extra pair of eyes and ear" in the cockpit.

The DA40 NG is an all round practical and versatile multiuse four seat airplane for the 21st century. DA40 NG offers a unique blend of practicality, performance, value and operating economy. 

With a proven modern all composite airframe, ultra efficient electronically controlled jet fuel piston engine and the industry leading Garmin G1000NXi, the DA40 NG is the only aircraft in class to embody modern, yet proven, technology throughout. 

The DA42 is easy to fly and burns fuel like a single, but with the added safety of a second engine. DA42 has incredible endurance and single engine performance, a FIKI certified ice protection system, superior situational awareness courtesy of the supreme Garmin G1000NXi glass flightdeck, and an autopilot with razor sharp precision and standard Electronic Stability & Protection (Garmin ESP™), are – quite simply – life insurance.

Cultivating Pilots with Professionality and Strong Work Ethic



Teaching with Jeppesen’s textbook and FAA-Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge, Apex assure every student to absorb the basic knowledge of aeronautics. In addition, we instill Civil Aviation Act of ROC to students to meet the requirements of airlines. In every training phase, students must pass three stage checks and one oral test. If they fail the exam 2 times in any training phase, Apex will call a meeting of Technical Review Board(TRB) to discuss the suitability of subsequent training. Apex’s graduates must have the solid fundamentals of aeronautics.


We require our trainee rigorously to reach the high standard of every skill subject. Using the standard radio communication of ICAO to establish the ability and competency to comply with the international civil regulations. Our G1000 avionics are almost the same as ones in civil aircraft, trainee will accustomed to the way of scanning instruments of glass cockpit more earlily.


Apex highly esteem the work ethic and discipline from timekeeping to interaction between pilots and other crew members(ex: CRM). Apex will call a meeting of TRB to evaluate the trainee who violate discipline and regulation seriously. Our trainees have to meet and respect airline’s expectations and cultures, to equip trainee with good attitude and mindset.
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