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Application Guide

For International Student

  Step 1

1. Contract & Consult

Contact us via Email, Line, or Facebook. Our training consultants will answer all of your flight training questions. You can also refer to our DM for more information.

2. Sign the Contract & Make the Payment 

Now that you have decided to train with Apex, you will then sign a contract and make a lump sum or installment payment to us.

  Step 2

Students who do not have Taiwanese citizenship must obtain a visitor visa (one year/multi-entry) unless they decide to enroll in a short-term or non-license course. To assist you in obtaining a visitor visa, we ask that you provide the following documents in English:

1. Application Form (pdf) 

a. Download and fill out the application form. You may fill out this form by typing or handwriting, but the SIGNATURE must be handwritten.

b. Do not forget to affix your professional headshot onto the top right corner of the form!

2.  Passport or Identity Document (pdf/jpg)

a. The passport's expiration date should be later than the estimated date of training completion to cover your entire stay with us.

3. Highest Education Diploma (pdf/jpg)

a. You must be at least a high school graduate or equivalent to start your license training with us.

4.  Financial Statement (original copy with an official stamp)

a. Your financial statement must show a minimum of NT$100,000 and must be issued by a bank or a financial institution within one month before your application date.

5.  Criminal Record (original copy with an official stamp) 

a. Your criminal records must be issued by the police or a competent authority within 1 month before the application date.


You are welcomed to email us your application form, passport or identity document, and highest education diploma. You must mail us original copies of your financial statement and criminal records. To ensure the accuracy and completeness of your documents, you may scan and email them to us before you mail them to our office in Taipei, Taiwan.

>> Mailing Info<<

Recipient  Apex Flight Academy / Mr. Jerry Lin

Address  8F.-3, No. 408, Ruiguang Rd., Neihu Dist., Taipei City 114752, Taiwan(R.O.C.) 

Contact Info  (+886) 2-8797-1686 #8108


Step 3

Upon receiving an approval letter from the Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) of Taiwan, Apex will mail you the letter and other required documents. You can then bring these documents to the nearest Embassies and Missions in your home country to apply for a visitor visa (NTD3,200/USD100) for your flight training course. And finally, you can hold this visa to enter Taiwan and start your flight training journey with us!

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