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Application Guide

For International Student

  Step 1

1.  Contact & Counseling

Our training consultant will provide professional advice for all your inquiries about flight training. You can contact us via Email, Line, or Facebook.

You also can download our Electric DM for more details.

2.  Contract Signing & Payment

If you've decided to receive training in Apex, then we will enter into the phase of contract signing. Finally, making the payment of tuition fee in a lump sum or on installment.

  Step 2

Almost every foreigner receiving training for the license in Taiwan need a visitor visa(one year/multiple-entry) except the course you participate is a short-term and non-licensed course.

For the purposes of enrollment and application for a visitor visa, we need the applicant to offer us some required documents(all in English version) as follows: 

1.  Training Application Form

a.  Please download the Application Form and fill it out every field of the Form(don’t leave it blank in any way).

b.  You could fill out the Form by typing or handwriting, but the field of SIGNATURE has to be handwritten.

c.  Please affix your recent photo in the Form and provide us the photo file when you send all documents back.

d.  Photocopy: pdf file

2.  Identity Document or Passport

a.  Passport's expiration date should be longer than the estimated time to complete training.

b. Photocopy: pdf or jpg file

3.  Highest Education Diploma

a. Applicants for aircraft pilot licenses shall be graduates of senior high school or above or shall have attained an equivalent educational background.

b.  Photocopy: pdf or jpg file

4.  Financial Statement

a.  Please submit the proof of financial status(minimum of NT$100,000 financial statement) that issued by a bank or other financial institution within 1 month before the date of application.

b.  Hard copy: original and official(authorized with official bank stamp) copy

5.  Criminal Record Checks

a.  Issued by the police or competent authority within 1 month before the date of application.

b.  Hard copy: original and official(authorized with official stamp) copy


1. Some documents(1~3) could provide soft copy by email, the others(4~5) must send the original and official copy to Apex by air mail.

2.  Check Before Mailing: you could scan all these documents and email to us for checking their accuracy and completeness at first.

3. Mailing Info: 

Recipient  Apex Flight Academy / Mr. Jerry Lin

Address  8F.-3, No. 408, Ruiguang Rd., Neihu Dist., Taipei City 114, Taiwan(R.O.C.)  

Postal Code  114752

Contact Info  (+886)2-8797-1686#8108

  Step 3

After Taiwan's authority(Civil Aeronautics Administration) review your documents and issue the approval letter, Apex will send you the approval letter and all necessary documents by mail and then you could hold these documents to the nearest Embassies and Missions in your home country to apply for visitor visa for the purpose of flight training(visitor visa fees: NT$3,200/US$100). 

And finally, you could hold the visa and enter into Taiwan to start your flight training courses. ​

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