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Pilot License

A self-sponsored pilot is someone who has received a CPL by paying all tuition by themselves and has accumulated a total of 250 flight hours. However, they should be advised that the required flying hours vary between airlines. For instance, China and EVA Airlines require 250 hours, whereas Far Eastern Airlines requires 300 hours.


Upon meeting the hours requirements, self-sponsored pilots will apply directly to airline positions. After passing a jet transition course, type rating (of an aircraft, such as Airbus A320), and other required courses, they will become a second or first officer in the cockpit.

Course Contents

Apex Syllabus


CAA Requirements

100 hours

Ground School

35 hours

55 hours

Dual flight

55 hours

540 km, 3 approaches

Long X-Country

540 km, 3 approaches

25 hours

Flight Simulator


11 hours

Night Flight

10 hours

105 hours

Total PIC Hour

100 hours

195 hours

Total Flight Hour

(PPL, IR hours included)

190 hours



  1. Requirements: must be at least 18 years old and hold a high school diploma or equivalent. (must be at least 20 years old to take the CAA exam)

  2. English Proficiency: a TOEIC score of 650 or higher is recommended

  3. Medical Exam: CAA Class A required to apply for airlines

  4. Training Aircraft: Diamond Aircraft DA40NG

  5. Location: Flight School @ Taitung Fong Nian Airport (ICAO:RCFN/IATA:TTT)

  6. Ground Exam: Allowed upon completion of CPL ground school

  7. CHECK-RIDE: Allowed upon passing the CPL ground exam and ground oral check

  8. Must hold a valid PPL. Non-CAA PPL holders are required to take an additional conversion course

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