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Flight Instructor

Becoming a Certified Flight Instructor(CFI) is a great way to prepare you for further advancements and ratings. Here at Apex, many students who earn a CFI rating are hired as instructors at the Academy. Work as a CFI for Apex while you log those valuable flying hours.

5 Goals

  1. Safety first.

  2. Establish a high standard of basic maneuver skills for the instructor so they can convert to any type of aircraft in the future.

  3. Ensure that our instructor has sufficient knowledge and can perform the rights and responsibilities of a Pilot in Command role.

  4. Develop our instructor’s flying skills using integrated flight guides.

  5. Verify that our instructors meet the standards of Aviation English proficiency.

Stage 1

Commercial Pilot License

Single-Engine Land

Stage 2

Certified Flight Instructor

Stage 3

Certified Flight Instructor

Instrument Rating

Stage 4

Certified Flight Instructor

Multi-Engine add-on


  1. Requirements: must be at least 23 years old and hold a high school diploma or equivalent.

  2. English Proficiency: a TOEIC score of 650 or higher is recommended

  3. Medical Exam: CAA 2nd Class at least

  4. Training Aircraft: Diamond Aircraft DA40NG

  5. Location: Flight School @ Taitung Fong Nian Airport (ICAO:RCFN/IATA:TTT)

  6. Must hold a valid CAA-certified CPL or PPL+IR. Non-CAA license holders are required to take an additional conversion course

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