The Journey to Spread Your Wings

During my training with Apex, I enjoyed most of all the experienced instructing and tailored airlines-focused training.


No day is ever the same; as an airline pilot, you will be filled with challenge and excitement as you complete your work with like-minded and interesting people. The airline industry is literally unrivaled when it comes to the quality and caliber of people within its team.


I am proud of being the cadet at APEX Flight Academy.








Tiger Air Taiwan Fo./ Crown Huang

Ever, since I can remember, becoming an airline pilot, has always been a lifetime aspiration. It is everyone's dream to fly these awesome machines, travel the world and meet new people.

I feel proud to be training with Apex. I have had a great experience flying with my peers and instructors in what I would regard as one big fraternity.






Mandarin Airlines Fo./ Calvin Lien

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