In western country, it is common to own a private pilot license, then rent or buy an aircraft to fly freely in the sky.

With the regulations in Taiwan getting more open-minded, for both commercial airlines to private aircraft, the sky scape of Taiwan are getting wider and wider.

Now, with the establishment of Apex Flight Academy, we expect more local will get their own private pilot license, through their own hand and eyes to see the beauty of Taiwan.


Getting A Private Pilot License in Taiwan?

Apex Flight Academy has assembled a team of dedicated experience and passionate professionals around the world, including flight instructor, maintenance crew, dispatch and regulation specialist to build a truly safe and professional environment for flying, so that those who wanna fly can have world class flying environment near their home, in the heart of Asia - Taiwan

Since its commercial operation in Q4 2014, Apex was able to win over ab-initio contract from Tiger Airways Taiwan, V-Air(ceased operation in 2016), and in 2018, Mandarin Airlines and China Airlines , with our superior instructor, hardware and software, and some covering even from the cadet selection stage all the way to commercial pilot training. Apex certainly believes we may lead our cadets, for leisure or career, onto the right path of flying.


Qualification & Requirement

1. Qualification:18 Yrs and older、high school diploma required. (Must                                be age of  20 or older for CAA exam)
2. English Proficiency: Recommended TOEIC score of 650 or higher.                                             (If the goal is to apply for airline, 850 or higher is                                         strongly recommended)

3. Physical Exam:CAA Class A required in order to apply for airlines                                     Exam fee is NT$15,000 irrespective of class type.  

4.  Training Aircraft:Diamond Aircraft  DA40NG。
5.  Location:Taitung Fong Nian Airport (ICAO:RCFN/IATA:TTT)。

                      (Ground School in Taipei HQ)。
6.  Ground Exam:Upon completion of PPL ground school.
7. CHECK-RIDE:Upon passing ground exam and ground oral only                                        check-ride is allowed

I got my private pilot license!

What's next?

Congratulation for getting your first aerial license, we are sure by now you are an outstanding pilot! 

However, should the weather not at its optimal, such as cloudy condition, a PPL license does not give one the ability to fly!

During the time of low visibility, one would require to have an INSTRUMENT RATING as an add-on to your PPL to allow you utilizing the various instrumentation inside the aircraft to fly, without using visible landmarks on the ground!

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