​Instrument Rating:

This course is designed to hone your skill for flying based on instrument data during low visibility. Upon completion of this course, one no longer needs to be limited to fly only in good weather. With the exception of take off and landing, one no longer needs to fly based on visual fly rules (VFR), to ensure the ability to fly in inclement weather. With the addition of guidance from air traffic control, the risk of mid-air collusion is drastically reduced.

Qualification & Requirement

1. Qualification:18 Yrs and older、high school diploma required.                                          Already possess a CAA or ICAO PPL(conversion                                        course additional) (Must be age 20 or older for CAA                                    exam)
2. English Proficiency: Recommended TOEIC score of 650 or higher.                                             (If the goal is to apply for airline, 850 or higher is                                         strongly recommended)

3. Physical Exam:CAA Class B required (For airline application, One                                     MUST have CAA Class A Physical Exam) Exam fee                                   is NT$15,000 irrespective of class type.  

4.  Training Aircraft:Diamond Aircraft  DA40NG。
5.  Location:Taitung Fong Nian Airport (ICAO:RCFN/IATA:TTT)。

                      (IR Ground School in Taipei HQ)。
6.  Ground Exam:Upon completion of IR ground school.
7. CHECK-RIDE:Upon passing ground exam and ground oral only                                        check-ride is allowed

​I Now have a IR add-on! What's next?

Congratulation on obtaining your instrument rating add-on! Now you may fly in less than ideal weather and still achieve a perfect mission with your newly acquired flying skill and knowledge!

However, if your desire to fly is beyond recreation and aspire to fly as a professional pilot in the airline, then let us lead you to the next step ; to obtain a commercial pilot license (CPL)

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