Flight Training Course

Apex has assembled a team of experienced and dedicated flight instructors, providing solid and extensive instruction courses, while adding unparalleled consultancy and career placement services, to provide one of the best flight learning and training experiences

Flight Grading

Flight Grading

Our highly recognized Flight Grading courses would allow you, at only a fraction cost of a commercial pilot license, to assess if one is suitable to pursue a career in flying, and to ascertain if your ability can match to your passion to become a professional pilot, without wasting thousands of dollars before commitment





Private Pilot License

Also known as "PPL", is a license that would allow the holder to command an aircraft, as long as not for commercial or paid purpose, to conduct flying activities. One may own an aircraft and fly with the PPL, or simply continues as a student / cadet to conduct time building missions


Instrument Rating

Instrument Rating

This is actually a "rating", not a license, as an add-on to your PPL or CPL, only with this add-on, you may be allowed to fly in inclement weather or low visibility


Commercial Pilot


Commercial Pilot License

Allows a pilot to fly an aircraft with commercial purpose and allow to be compensated / paid for engaging in such activity. If one wish to work as a pilot in an airline, this would be the minimum licensing requirement

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