​Commercial Pilot License (CPL):

In the foreseeable future, the global demand for pilot is still on a rapid rise. According to the latest report from Boeing, the world still has a shortage close to one million pilot, mainly from Asia, which is about 230,000.


Upon obtaining the PPL, one may consider to apply for the ab-initio program with an airlines, while concurrently start the IR/CPL program without delay. Not only this would allow one to be more competitive during the interview/selection process, you will also be qualified to apply for the​ instructor position with low hours, this would enable one to be more competitive in the airlines interview and creating a more diverse career path.

What is a self-sponsored cadet?

A self-sponsored cadet (or pilot, upon receipt of commercial pilot license "CPL") is some one who has received a CPL by paying all of the tuition by himself/herself, and has accumulated a total of 250 flight hours (Actual requirement various among airlines, for example, China Airlines and EVA requires 250 hours, where as Far Eastern Airlines would requires 300 hours), he or she will apply directly with airlines for related position, where upon passing additional training such as jet transition course, type rating (of an aircraft, such as Airbus A320), and other courses that maybe required, to become a second or first officer in the cockpit.

For region or countries that has no flight school, such as Taiwan in the past, most of the self-sponsored cadets will headed to United States or Australia for training and obtain their license. But now with flight school right here in Asia and Taiwan that fully complies with various aviation authority such as the CAA in Taiwan , you no longer have to travel afar to achieve your dream to become a commercial pilot!


Qualification & Requirement

1. Qualification:18 Yrs and older、high school diploma required.                                     (Must be age of  20 or older for CAA exam)
2. English Proficiency: Recommended TOEIC score of 650 or                                                     higher. (If the goal is to apply for airline, 850                                           or higher is strongly recommended)

3. Physical Exam:CAA Class A required in order to apply for airlines                                   Exam fee is NT$15,000 irrespective of class type.  

4.  Training Aircraft:Diamond Aircraft  DA40NG。
5.  Location:Taitung Fong Nian Airport (ICAO:RCFN/IATA:TTT)。

         (Ground School in Taipei HQ)。

6. Ground Exam:Upon completion of ground school, one may apply for               the CAA CPL exam.
7. CHECK-RIDE:One may proceed with check-ride upon completion of             ground exam & oral exam.

​8.  Must hold a valid PPL, non CAA PPL holder requires additional                  conversion course

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