Mandarin Airlines

Flight Experience

Design specially for people who dream to fly, a two-day trip including ground school, orientation, simulator operation and Diamond 42NG real plane experience. Through the flight experience we provide you a dream of flying in the sky.

Qualification & Notes

1. Qualifications:Age 18 or older, physically and mentally healthy, no gender limit, no                                                      nationality limit, medical examination not required.
2. Content:Ground school, Orientation, Simulator operation, Real plane experience
                   (including a certificate of completion).
3. Refund Policy:Invoice transfer is recognized as signing up.

                            50% of cost is deducted upon requesting for refund 7 days before activity. There                                    will be no refund if requesting within 7 working days of activity.
                            Reschedule requested 7 days prior of activity will cost no fee, an addition 10%                                        fee is required if requesting for reschedule within 7 working days of activity.
4. Notice:No person may be on board if taller than 200cm, possibility of heart attack, high blood                           pressure, drunk, pregnant or cervical spine damaged. Elderly person may be on board at                        one's own risk. Apex does not assume or imply any responsibility for breaching the                               above  covenants.  Rules not mention above will be adopted from the                                                     Taiwan CAA regulations.

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